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Details Need Attention for Outdoor LED Display Daily Use. Release Time:2019-07-18

Outdoor LED display has become the mainstream medium for outdoor advertising in recent years. Most commercial customers are most concerned about the display effect and life span of LED display, which is inseparable from the correct use of the display and daily maintenance. To this end, we organized details need attention for outdoor LED display daily use, hope it would be helpful to everyone.

1.  Switch sequence of LED display

A:  Turn on the computer to make it work normally first, then turn on the LED Display;

B:  Turn off the screen first, then turn off the computer.

2. If some parts and steel structure joints are found to be loose or damaged, please repair and replace them in time, especially pins, screws, load-bearing beams, etc.

3. Regularly check whether the anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint the surface of the display and steel structure solder joints is peeling off. If so, please apply anti-corrosion, anti-rust cream and so on for necessary maintenance.

4. Ensure that the power supply is stable and well grounded. Do not use LED display in bad environments, especially during strong lightning weather. Regularly check the lightning rod and grounding system to ensure that it is stable and reliable.

5. In the rainy season, the inspection frequency should be increased to prevent water and electricity leakage of LED display.

6. Regularly check whether the product power cable and signal cable is damaged or bitten. If so, please replace them in time.

7. Regularly check the power distribution system of LED display, check it once a quarter or once half a year, to prevent problems such as circuit failures from affecting screen’s normal operation.

8. LED screens used in outdoors for a long time are prone to dust. Please wipe with alcohol, use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, but do not wipe it directly with a damp cloth.

9. According to the automatic preset mode of the screen, periodically debug the single functions such as start, stop, brightness, and program list.

10. The outdoor LED display should maintain a certain frequency of use and rest time, rest for more than 2 hours every day, use it once a month during the rainy season. At least turn on the screen once a month and lighting for more than 2 hours.