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Talking About Development of LED Display In the Future Under the Background of 5G! Release Time:2020-08-19

With the emergence and constantly development of 5G that is the fifth-generation communication technology, its high transmission rate, large system capacity, and low latency let the day for real interconnection of all things be not far away. Recently, 5G commercialization has been launched globally. All walks of life are taking advantage of the fusion of 5G, and the concept of "5G+ field" continues to emerge. How far is the 5G commercial road for LED displays?

The advent of the 5G commercial era has brought unprecedented development opportunities to all walks of life. So does it also mean a huge development opportunity for LED displays?

In some respects, the arrival of the 5G era is a challenge for LED displays first, and then an opportunity. The advantage of LED display as a traditional display terminal carrier will be gradually lost with the advent of the 5G high transmission era. Because people can choose more display terminals such as computers, mobile phones, watches and other smart devices in the Internet of Everything scenario. In the future, a small medium can realize much more the dissemination of information and the sharing of resources.

How to turn this challenge into a development opportunity? The high-speed, low-latency, and large-capacity characteristics of 5G technology will break the limitation of data transmission. In the future, LED displays will not only achieve rapid data transmission, but also achieve high-definition display of image quality. The proposal of "5G+8K" will be a trend in the development of LED display technology in the future. Mini display screens, Micro soft screens, and traditional outdoor and rental screens are all moving towards smaller pitches. With the continuous maturity of technology, small pitch and ultra-high-definition display screens are the main development directions of LED displays in the future.

On August 17, the mayor of Shenzhen announced that Shenzhen has achieved full coverage of 5G independent networking, and Shenzhen has taken the lead in entering the 5G era. As one of the birthplaces of the LED industry in the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen also gathers major LED companies and manufacturers. Therefore, with the advent of the 5G era, Focono, as an LED display manufacturer in Shenzhen, will follow the trend of the times and industry development and continue to introduce new products and services to meet the needs of our customers around the world.