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In Spare Time, What Did The FOCONO’s Workmates Do? You Know? Release Time:2017-09-05

Rain for rose over, lotus turned, Pomegranate flowering in full

Breeze to whisk, Hibiscus blushed, Fish frolicking among leaves

August is passing with the end of the summer approaching , scorching summer heat faded away and cool autumn wind blowing hea-on ,which added some relish and  relaxation to our exhausted body-mind and intense work ,also coated our unaffected emotional life with feeling of dimming light at night.

In the interesting activity ,FOCONO’s workmates got together to play games, chat and to share happiness with deep attachment, we rallied in exposition hall grouping to take part in the activities that included stool-seizing and balloon-stamping.

The first element of games is to seize stool ,it is very funny and interesting with simple rules-----After eliminating and taking stools out each time ,champion is who can seize the last stool in the end. 

We group into 4 teams for P.K. then set the stools and rounded in a circle to dance to the music “left left, right right, forward and backward, jump jump”, laughing and joking games infected everybody around Laughing, Shouting, and reveling to the full.

When music stopped, the player fiercely rushed to seize the stools, some players who failed to grab one stool will leave with silence, the others who captured stools are super happy to continue playing.

The game hit the spot, the final PK. The audience shout their hearts out for them. Two guys fighted a battle of wits and courage only to usurp the "throne of game" for champion. Ha Ha .......the throne gainer is with agile mind and outstanding wisdom.

Interest-ridden stool seizing game lifted us up with high spirit which “washed away” the fatigue and dull, every one took on a exciting and happy face.

The next game is group battle---balloon stamping, boys and girls mixed together in a group as yellow, red, blue and pink groups, then tied the balloon to the waist with string enough long to reach the ground, men responsible to protect the balloon of girl from bursting. If the girls’ balloon burst, then the group got out of the game, look! The fun and hilarious game is going on.

Members of Four groups exchanging glances with each other and making alliance to. To begin with, the yellow group made hard attacks directly to core of pink group, there joined the blue and the red groups. After a chaotic battle, only two ladies kept their balloons, out of energy red group eliminated.

A game chasing each other with wisdom and courage, in the end, left us with contented smiles, happy time is fleeting. Yet the memories are eternal. Through the game, we got our hearts closer enhancing the emotional bonds. At the same time, it also relaxed body mind, relieved the tension and pressure from work and life and help us got down to work in the zone!