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There Is Not Just Work, But Romanticism And Dream Release Time:2018-03-03

At the beginning of the Spring, there are many different flowers blooming on the way walking to office, which is really nice-smelling. With a happy mood, we start to celebrate the monthly birthday party.

Birthday is a great day, with your arriving to the earth, the life is becoming special, your parents feel much happier. We celebrate the big day together, which makes us feel like a big family, we will love each other more.

Warm Birthday Party

The meeting room was decorated as a party room, with pink balloons to create a light and sweet atmosphere. There are some fruits, desserts and exquisite gifts for birthday boys and girls, which looks full of cheer and happiness, with the colorful glaring lights.

Five Birthday Friends

When all is ready, the 5 Birthday boys and girls were sitting together happily. First of all, Mr.Stanley Yang (FOCONO General manager) sent his blessings to them, and thanked them for their hardworking and effort. Then, with the colleagues’ blessings, we were singing Birthday Songs, making vows, blew out candles, cutting cakes and sharing gifts step by step. Finally, in the bright room, everybody is enjoying the delicious cakes, dessert and fruits, and enjoy the nice moment.

Cut The Cake, Remove The Gift

In the future, FOCONO will carry out more rich and varied activities, to further enhance the relationship between employees, showing humane care, hence to give every staff who is working far from hometown a warm feeling like home.