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"Play" Spring Release Time:2019-04-09

March, it is not only a month that rich in birds, wild flowers and full of vitality, but also a good time for outing. When you are out in the green field, bathed in the warm sunshine, will you become energetic? In order to enrich the lives of employees, adjust their physical and mental state as well as improve cooperation of theteam, Focono organized an outdoor spring outing after work.

The destination of this trip is Shenzhen Beacon Hill, which famous for its three main peaks mutual opposed from east to west, shaped like pen holders.

After gathering at the foot of the mountain, organizer explained somethings what we need pay attention to and then we all started to climbed the mountain. We finally succeeded in climbing up the 178-meter-high peak within half an hour with laugh. The top of the mountain breeze, we can see all pleasant scenery at one. Placing ourselves among it, everything seems to be clear.

After climbing the mountain, it was a short leisure time. We enjoy snacks and fruit that were given out, feeling satisfied and relaxed.

After the leisure afternoon tea, games time! Fun games, energetic and less stressful and inspire the spirit of team cooperation.

The first game is "Invincible Hot Wheels", taking full use of newspapers scissors and tape to make props, and then time in the form of groups. The game was played among three groups A, B and C, each team had their own characteristics.  Group A did well in props, the atmosphere among members were quite good. Group B made delicate props which long enough and had great advantages. Group C finished their props fastest, but to be the first one ruined their props and contributed lots of jokes and fun. Finally, the winner of this round of the game was Group B. In the process, group members cooperated well and grasped the key points of the game.

The second game is "dragon for water”, that is, in the special position to take the water bottle, we cannot put our hand or body on the ground, other wise to be failure. This is also a game that requires teamwork. The player who take the bottles should trust his teammates and hand himself over to his team members. Meanwhile teammates should protect water fetching player. The two sides cooperate with each other and joint efforts to complete the game. Finally, Group C won the game, which was absolutely the perfect embodiment of intelligence, speed and teamwork.

Hello, spring! We have been here, laughed; goodbye, spring, without leaving a trace. After the activity ended, everyone helped to clean up the rubbish and then left.

We will come back, with our better condition…….